Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Solid Gold-Plated Computers by Chirita Paris

Ever wondered what sort of a computer would a medieval king use? Well, it would most certainly have to be a computer with a lot of gold on it! Chirita Paris, French hi-tech gift and craft maker, envisioned such a gold computer, and created these pieces of costly office bling with classic French designs, just for a king-like rich billionaire!

Empire Solid-Gold Plated Computer

Chirita Paris’ gold computer is plated with solid gold, and has patterns matching the three royal styles of King Louis XV, King Louis XVI and King Empire. Each gold computer style has also been named after the respective king that inspired its design. The main aim of the company in creating stylish gold computers with traditional French designs is to promote France as a place to buy stylish hi-tech items.

George Chirita, the creator of the gold-plated computer, is actually a professional computer designer. He strongly believes in the concept of luxury technology. While creating the gold-plated computer, he was strongly inspired by the famous French kings Louis XV, Louis XVI and Empire, and created these three fabulous computer designs to match their styles.

                                                   Louis XVI Solid-Gold Plated Computer

All these gold-plated computers are handmade. Below is some more information about each of these gold computer models:
  • Louis XV Gold Computer: This flat screen computer is made from brass and crafted in the conventional French way. All the metal parts are made of gold, while engravings are made from bronze, alabaster, lapis lazuli or malachite. This gold computer has a small central unit, which is embedded within the cabinet of the monitor. The desktop monitor cum CPU comes with a single cable, which is required to be plugged in to get it running. The keyboard and mouse are wireless.
  • Louis XVI Gold Computer: This solid gold-plated computer consists of three parts: the base, the case and the elegant columns. The top part of the computer is decorated with an acanthus leaf made from bronze, while on the lower part of the gold monitor are five rose-leaf shaped bronze buttons for changing the computer settings. The two columns on either side of the gold computer monitor have bronze coins on their base, and bronze astragals with diagonal stripes on their tip. The keyboard and mouse are also wireless.
  • Empire Gold Computer: This handmade computer has also been designed with traditional French patterns, and has components in brass, bronze, alabaster, malachite and lapis lazuli. The metals portions of the computer are all solid gold-plated. Like the other gold computers, the Empire computer also features a hidden processor, together with a wireless mouse and keyboard. It also has two gold-plated columns.
All computers have flat-screen monitors. The cheapest of these gold-plated computers crafted by Chirita Paris costs a whopping $21,000 dollars.

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