Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Kim Dotcom's $24 Million Private Mansion In New Zealand

Do you remember Kim Dotcom? He was the famous young Internet tycoon of the 90s, just as Mark Zuckerberg is now. Born as Kim Schmitz, this German whiz kid was the owner of file-sharing website, which was once the 13th biggest website on the Internet. Dotcom has always been known for his lavish lifestyle, and stays at the most expensive home in New Zealand: a mansion that is priced at a huge $24 million.

Top-view of Kim Dotcom's mansion in New Zealand

Kim Dotcom’s private residence in New Zealand is situated in the town of Coatesville, about 15 miles from Auckland (the biggest city in New Zealand). It is spread over an area of 2,300 square metres, and is surrounded by stone walls and labyrinthine grounds, with lush foliage. This mansion is also available for rent at a price of $24,000 per month. This makes it the most expensive rental mansion in New Zealand.

Features of Kim Dotcom’s New Zealand Mansion

This New Zealand mansion has a large number of private bedrooms, each lavishly decorated with fine furnishings and stylish furniture. In fact, Kim Dotcom had ordered for three Hästens beds for this private mansion. Hästens is a Swedish luxury bed making company, which is famous for its ultra-soft hand-made beds that can take about 140-160 hours work to produce.

And, where does he put the beds? Well, one of these expensive Hästens beds is placed in a ‘computer room’, amidst a series of monitors, hard drives and a nest of wires…well, anyway, this is how rich computer geeks live.
Stone giraffe statues on Kim Dotcom's private property

On the gatehouse of Kim Dotcom’s private property near Auckland is a giant sign with ‘Dotcom Mansion’ written on it, in blue-black lighting. On the grounds of the real estate property are almost life-size statues of wild giraffes, roaming in the grass. In fact, the lawns of the mansion looks like a premier golf course, with manicured turf and staff driving about in golf carts. The Dotcom property also has an advanced security system, with surveillance cameras, security guards and a security outhouse.

Kim Dotcom in his giant bathtub

When Kim Dotcom moved to New Zealand to stay at this mansion, he spent more than $3.2 million on renovating the private property. During this revamping, a heated lap pool with underwater speakers was installed. This pool contains imported spring water and a custom ladder. As part of the lavish lifestyle he maintains, Kim Dotcom is also reported to have spent NZ$500,000 for a New Year’s Eve fireworks display over Auckland in 2010.

In fact, it was news about this lavish lifestyle, which attracted the attention of the authorities, and led to a raid on Kim Dotcom’s mansion by the New Zealand Special Forces, complete with helicopters, sledgehammers and automatic weapons.

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