Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Getting A Fashionable 24K Gold Tattoo For $120

With many celebrities showing off their tattoos, even regular people wish to sport those cool designs on their body…and now the latest in body fashion is pure gold tattoos. Tattoos with gold ink are more expensive than regular tattoos, mainly because of the more glamorous look they offer.

 Packets of Christian Dior gold tattoos

However, if you fear the prick of the needle and getting inked, you can always choose a temporary tattoo, such as Christian Dior’s 24K gold tattoos. Many celebrities are turning to temporary tattoos such as these gold tattoos, to look more stylish at fashion do’s, parties and events. Each pure gold Christian Dior tattoo is priced at $120, and comes in elegant designs. As they are temporary, you can change them according to the occasion and your dress.

Gold tattoos on wrist and finger to resemble jewelry (ring and bracelet)

Christian Dior’s collection of limited edition pure gold tattoos are made using 24-carat gold leafing, by Camille Miceli (a famous jewellery designer). These gold tattoos are available in different styles, such as chain bracelets, cuffs, delicate rings, and charms. Of course, these tattoos are not the first gold tattoos or the most expensive; there are many other companies that have launched gold tattoos, but these have really beautiful designs.

Some celebrities who have famous tattoos are David Beckham, Angelina Jolie (more than 13), Megan Fox and Cheryl Cole.


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