Friday, October 12, 2012

The Queen of Holland Diamond – Blue Diamond

The Queen of Holland Diamond is the 11th largest diamond in the world. There is not much information about where this diamond originally came from, though some believe that it was mined in the famous Golconda mines of India, which has also yielded some of the biggest diamonds in the world.

Well, the Queen of Holland diamond was first noticed in Amsterdam in 1902, where it was talked about a lot. Amsterdam is a famous diamond cutting centre, and diamond cutters instinctively knew that this diamond was a prized item. The large diamond was named after Queen Wilhelmina, the then Queen of Holland.

The Blue-Tinted Queen of Holland Diamond

The Queen of Holland diamond weighs 135.92 carats, and has a high quality, internal purity and a D-colour. The diamond also has a slight blue tint, which is the main reason why diamond experts believe that the diamond must have come from India's Golconda mines, from which the famous Koh-i-noor diamond also originated.

The blue-tinted diamond was bought by the Maharaja of Navanagar, Kumar Ranjitsinghji Vibhaji, who was also a famous cricketer. The Maharaja entrusted the Queen of Holland diamond to Cartier, with the responsibility of placing it in a beautiful piece of jewellery. Cartier in turn, placed the diamond as the centrepiece of a pendant, in an awesome necklace.

The Maharaja of Navnagar owned the Queen of Holland diamond till 1960, when Cartier purchased it from him. The diamond was later bought by Willaim Goldberg, who in turn sold it to Robert Mouawad, his partner. Goldberg pared the diamond from its original 136.25 carat weight to its current weight of 135.92 carats, before selling it. Robert Mouawad, a leading diamond investor, bought the Queen of Holland diamond for $7 million.

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