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The Cullinan I Diamond - Biggest Pear-Shaped Diamond

The legendary Cullinan diamond was discovered quite by accident at the Premier diamond mine in South Africa, in January 1905. It was the largest diamond ever unearthed in human history, and weighed 3,106 carats as a rough uncut diamond.

Greater Star of Africa Cullinan I Diamond

The miners who first found the Cullinan I diamond were surprised at its size, and at first, could not believe that a diamond could be so big. The diamond was later named the Cullinan diamond, after Sir Thomas Cullinan, the owner of the Premier mine.

The huge uncut diamond was gifted by the Transvaal government to the then-reigning King of Britain, King Edward VII, on the occasion of his 66th birthday. The Transvaal government of South Africa took many measures to get the giant Cullinan diamond safely to England. In fact, a decoy diamond was sent by ship, while the real Cullinan diamond was mailed in a simple box.

Cullinan I Diamond in the Royal Sceptre

When the uncut Cullinan diamond reached England, it was sent for cutting and polishing. It yielded nine large diamonds and many smaller diamonds, the largest of which is the pear-shaped Cullinan I diamond. This diamond weighs a massive 530.20 carats, and was placed in the head of England's royal sceptre of the King. The Cullinan I diamond can also be removed from the sceptre, and worn as a pin or a pendant; but it seems to be too huge for that, and has rarely been used as a pin or pendant.

The Cullinan I pear-shaped diamond is also called the Greater Star of Africa diamond. It was the biggest faceted diamond in the world for 80 years, until the discovery of the Golden Jubilee diamond in 1985. However, the Cullinan I diamond is still the world’s largest faceted, pear-shaped diamond.

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