Monday, December 17, 2012

The Jubilee Diamond aka Mouawad Jubilee Diamond

The Jubilee Diamond was discovered in South Africa in the early twentieth century. As a rough uncut diamond, the Jubilee Diamond weighted a majestic 650.80 carat stone. After it was cut, the rough stone yielded a sparkling diamond, with exceptional purity and clarity.

The Jubilee Diamond was named the Jubilee Diamond in honour of the diamond jubilee of the coronation of Queen Victoria. It is the world’s fourth-biggest, colourless, faceted diamond.

Mouawad Jubilee Diamond

The Jubilee Diamond was first purchased by Sir Dorabji Jamshedji Tata. After his death in 1932, the diamond was sold by his heirs. The company chosen for auctioning the Jubilee Diamond was Cartier, which listed the diamond for the price of £75,000.

At the Cartier auction, the Jubilee Diamond was bought by Monsieur Paul Louis Weiller, a renowned business tycoon from France. Monsieur Weiller was a diamond connoisseur, and he permitted the diamond to be displayed in numerous jewellery exhibitions, held around the world.

Currently, the Jubilee Diamond is owned by Robert Mouawad, who heads the international jewellery empire with his well-known jewellery company ‘Mouawad Jewellers’. Robert Mouawad is also a renowned diamond collector. The Jubilee Diamond is the largest diamond in Mouawad’s diamond collection, and is known as the Mouawad Jubilee Diamond.

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