Friday, October 19, 2012

The Golden Jubilee Diamond

The Golden Jubilee Diamond is a sparkling yellow-brown colour diamond, with a vibrant reddish hue at its centre. This diamond is the biggest faceted diamond in the world, and weighed a massive 755.50 carats, at the time of its discovery.

Photo of the Yellow Brown Golden Jubilee Diamond

The Golden Jubilee Diamond was found in 1986, at the Premier diamond mine in South Africa. The large raw diamond had deep cracks in it, and several inclusions. To improve its quality, this brownish-yellow diamond was cut in a vibration-free room, which was specially built for working on it.

The cutting of the Golden Jubilee Diamond was finished in 1990, two years after the decision was taken to cut it. After cutting and polishing, the sparkling diamond weighed 545.65 carats, about 200 carats less than its original weight.

The Golden Jubilee Diamond was presented as a gift to King Bhumibol Adulyadej (the King of Thailand) by the businessmen of South Africa, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of his crowning. Hence, the diamond was named the ‘Golden Jubilee’.

Currently, the Golden Jubilee Diamond is displayed at the Royal Museum in the Pimammek Golden Temple Throne Hall in Bangkok, Thailand.

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