Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Darlings Danama Super Yacht From CRN Yachts

The ‘Darlings Danama’ is a new super yacht designed by CRN Yachts, a yacht manufacturing company based in Ancona, Italy. In the past CRN yachts has designed customised super yachts made from aluminium and steel, which measure 50 metres and more in length.

The yacht sailing in the ocean

The Darlings Danama superyacht is a luxurious 60 metre yacht, and was premiered by CRN Yachts at the Monaco Yacht Show, as part of the Ferretti Group brand. CRN ‘Costruzioni e Riparazioni Navali’ Shipyards has always worked to deliver innovative products and technically advanced yachts. The Darlings Danama yacht is no exception.

The Darlings Danama sailing vessel has large open areas, with minimal fittings and circular lines. The exterior is a wonderful white and cream colour, with fluid, alluring lines and shapes. The interior is inspired by art-deco, and was designed by Centro Stile (the in-house design team of CRN Shipyard), together with Cristina and Alexandre Negoescu.

Active Noise Cancellation System in the Yacht

One of the most interesting features of the Darlings Danama superyacht is its ‘Active Noise Cancellation System’, also referred to as the ‘ANC system’. This system is located in the pillow area of the bed, in the luxurious master suite, and is designed to cancel noise that may disturb the sleeper. The yacht owner can activate or deactivate the noise cancellation system, according to their individual needs.

The bedroom with with active noise cancellation system.

The Active Noise Cancellation system of the Darlings Danama super boat took more than 20 months of research to design. Its development is actually part of a bigger research and development program, which began in 2008. Led by CRN Shipyards, this nautical research program is funded by the European Union, and has other nautical companies as partners.

Features of the Boat

The Darlings Danama super yacht has six luxurious staterooms, a lavish master-suite for the owner, a twin bedroom on the upper deck, and four doubles on the lower deck. This enables the luxurious sailing boat to comfortably house about 12 discerning guests.

The stylish saloon and seating area.

The owner’s master suite is situated on the fore-maindeck, and has his/hers walk-in closets, a small office, a lavish bathroom and a private balcony. It is very luxuriously decorated, and has large windows that provide amazing views of the sea.

Other features of the Darlings Danama super yacht include:

  • A large wooden table on the upper deck for alfresco dining. 
  • A bar and loungers on the sun deck.
  • A Jacuzzi. 
  • A stylish main dining room in the saloon.

The bar and loungers on the sun deck of the yacht

The Darlings Danama super yacht can also be rented or chartered for the price of $455,000 - $480,000 per week, depending on the season. What do you think of this yacht? Would you buy it when it is available for sale?

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