Sunday, December 9, 2012

Couture Suite at the St. Regis Hotel in Rome

The St. Regis Hotel in Rome is situated near some of the most beautiful historic sites of the city. It has a large collection of luxury suites, some of which are the Designer Suite, the Bottega Veneta Suite, the Couture Suite and the Royal Suite.

Exterior facade of St. Regis Hotel in Rome

The Couture Suite in the St.Regis Hotel is the newest suite, and has been fully designed by HBA London, a UK-based interior design firm. The interior of this hotel suite has been inspired by the legendary fashion studios in Rome, and the famous Rome-based film ‘Roman Holidays’.

Modern-design chandelier in the Couture Suite

The St.Regis Hotel’s Couture Suite has a private library with a collection of Italian cinema classics. It also has a compilation of photographs of the various famous people who have stayed in the hotel, some of which are Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton and Maria Callas. There is an easel in the living room, and sparkling crystal chandeliers.

Red-smoke painting in the Couture Suite in the St. Regis Hotel

The Couture Suite is located on the second floor of the St.Regis Hotel, and has three large windows from which one can see the majestic Roman architecture of the building around. There is a painting in the bedroom of red smoke, which is meant to symbolise the winding red voiles in Valentino’s collection of women’s dresses.

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