Sunday, December 9, 2012

Duc d’Orléans Bréguet Clock – World’s Costliest Clock At $6.8 Million

The world’s costliest clock is the Duc d’Orléans clock of Abraham-Louis Breguet, which was sold for $6.8 million at a Sotheby’s auction in November 2012. This rare Sympathique clock was invented in 1795, and is a master carriage clock that can rewind a detachable pocket watch, and set it to time. This antique clock is what made Abraham-Louis Breguet a renowned French horologist and watch maker.

Antique Sympathique Clock by Breguet

The Sympathique clocks made by Abraham-Louis Breguet were commissioned by various royal households in the eighteenth century, which included the Spanish kings, the Russian crown, King Napoleon of France and by King George IV of Britain. There are very few of these antique Sympathique clocks available today, and this Abraham-Louis Breguet clock was one of them.

Features of the Duc d’Orléans clock made by Abraham-Louis Bréguet

This antique Breguet clock is a quarter-striking clock made from gold and red tortoiseshell. It is about two feet in height, and is the only Sympathique antique clock that can wind, set to time and regulate its watch, through an integrated cradle mounted on its pediment. The clock has beautiful carvings and designs decorating its exterior, which enhances its value. The French antique clock is also in pristine condition, which is highly valued by art collectors and private museums.

Designs on the Breguet Sympathique Antique clock

The Duc d’Orléans clock was bought for the price of $6,800,000 by a private museum at the Sotheby’s watches and clocks sale held in November 2012. Sotheby’s did not expect this antique clock to collect such a huge amount, and thought it would sell for only about $5,000,000. This Breguet antique clock was previously auctioned in 1999, by the Time Museum in Illinois, USA, for the price of $5,777,500.

What do you think of this antique winding clock? If you had one, where would you place it in your home?

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