Tuesday, December 11, 2012

La Madeline Au Truffe - World’s Most Expensive Chocolate

The most expensive chocolate in the world is the La Madeline Au Truffe chocolate, which is available at the Chocopologie Cafe, in Connecticut, USA. This expensive chocolate is made by Knipschildt Chocolatiers, and is priced at a huge $2,600 per pound.

The Knipschildt Chocolatier is a chocolate shop that was established in 1999 by Danish chef Fritz Knipschildt. A single La Madeline Au Truffe chocolate can be bought for $250 at the store or online. It comes in an attractive silver chocolate box, tied with a ribbon.

The La Madeline Au Truffe Chocolate

Knipschildt's La Madeline au Truffe chocolate was given the title of most expensive chocolate in the world by Forbes Magazine. This extravagant chocolate has a base of Valrhona dark chocolate, heavy cream, sugar, truffle oil and vanilla. A rare French Perigord black truffle (a rare mushroom) is coated with chocolate and stuffed inside the chocolate truffle. The chocolate truffle is then rolled in fine cocoa powder. It is placed in a box of sugar pearls, before being given to the buyer.

If you want a La Madeline au Truff chocolate truffle, or a box of Chocopologie chocolates, you’ll have to place your order in advance, so that they can be specially made for you. The La Madeline au Truff chocolate can be ordered online and ships within 14 days of making the order. This luxury chocolate has a shelf life of seven days, and has to be eaten within that time.

What do you think of the La Madeline au Truff chocolate truffle? Would you like to bite into one, right now?

From: Knipschildt

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