Monday, December 3, 2012

Pure Solid-Gold VISA Infinite Card - By Sberbank

Check out this pure-gold VISA Infinite Card, decorated with diamonds. This solid gold VISA debit card has been launched by Kazakhstan’s Sberbank in partnership with VISA. It is available by invitation only, to the top 100 customers of Kazakhstan’s Sberbank.

Luxury debit and credit cards offer a unique status-symbol to their owner, and look stylish when they are flashed at malls and stores. Banks like Sberbank have recognised the needs of their elite customers with regard to luxury credit cards, and have begun offering them expensive bejewelled premium cards.

Sberbank's pure gold Visa Infinite card with diamonds and brushed-gold surface

Sberbank’s pure gold VISA Infinite Card is made of solid gold, and has 26 diamonds embedded on it, with a total weight of 0.17 carats. The card has designs in mother of pearl, with a brushed gold finish. It shows a figure of an ancient warrior riding a tiger, and was designed by Rosan Diamond in Russia. The solid gold VISA Infinite Card of Sberbank will act as a companion card to the bank’s standard Visa Infinite card.

This pure gold debit card with diamonds is the world’s first diamond and gold debit card. Rich owners of this card, will also get other facilities such as access to a personal manager, purchase protection for stolen goods, and premium travel and health insurance. They can also use their solid gold and diamond card to access Visa Premium Access privileges.

What do you think of this diamond and gold VISA card? What would be the check-out staff’s reaction if you flashed it at your local supermarket?

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