Monday, December 17, 2012

World’s Most Expensive Bulls - Fabio and Vexour Garth

Here are two of the most expensive bulls in the world. The first bull is Fabio, which is priced at $203,280, while the second bull is Vexour Garth, a Charolais bull priced at $168,950.

The dark brown $203,280 bull called Fabio 

Fabio is a dark-brown Welsh bull with the pedigree name of Dolcorsllwyn Fabio. He was raised by Glyn Vaughan, a Welsh farmer, who sold Fabio for the world-record beating price of $203,280, to make Fabio the most expensive bull in the world. This price was three times higher than what Fabio was expected to be sold for.

The other expensive bull is Vexour Garth, a 19-month old white Charolais bull from Sterling, which was sold for $168,950, to become the world’s most expensive Charolais Bull.

The snow-white $168,950 Charolais bull named Vexour Garth

The sale of this pedigreed bull set a new breed record. Vexour Garth is a home-bred bull, with a bloodline that can be traced back to the famous Maerdy Tally bull.

The main reason why some bulls are priced so high is because of their health and breeding ability. Unlike most bulls, both these bulls appear to be very calm and docile, at their respective auctions..maybe that is another reason why they were purchased at such high prices.

What do you think of these large, expensive bulls?

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