Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Catclub Collection - Trendy Matching Outfits For Your Pet Cat

Many people like to dress up their pets, especially cats. Now some companies are offering pet couture outfits, meaning, stylishly-designed matching outfits for pet owners and their pet. As many people like to make their pets wear outfits that match their style, this idea is sure to catch on, especially amongst American celebrities.

Matching luxury couture outfits for pet cat and human owner

One company that offers designer pet clothes is United Bamboo, a clothing company based in New York, which has brought out their ‘Catclub Collection’ of couture outfits for pet cats. The co-owner of this company, Miho Aoki, seemingly had a strong wish to dress up her cat in the couture fashions modelled by fashion models on the ramp, and hence, launched a ready-to-wear couture collection exclusively for pet cats and their trendy female owners.

Matching skirt-blouse couture clothes for pet cat and human owner

The ‘CatClub’ collection from United Bamboo features 33 luxury outfits for pet cats, which include fur-lined jackets, a cat tunic, a sequined cat evening dress, and a velvet cat party gown. Each cat couture-outfit is made from the same materials as the matching outfit for the pet-owner.

Matching designer couture parka jacket for pet cat and human owner

While the price of the cat clothes is not very expensive, the price of their matching human outfit is. For example, a fishtail parka jacket for a cat ranges from $20 to $98, while the matching fur parka for the cat owner is priced at $1,000. This parka can be worn by male owners too! Most of these cat couture clothes have been sold, which means there is a huge demand for matching pet outfits, especially couture clothes that look stylish and cool.

What do your think of these luxury pet couture clothes and matching outfits for the human owner? Would you like to dress your pet in the same outfit as yourself?

From: United Bamboo


S A J Shirazi said...

Nice to see this post. happy blogging.

Ettitude said...

These are really adorable dresses for pet cats. The cat is looking very dapper in that parka jacket.