Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Celebrity Pets – Mike Tyson’s Pigeons and Tigers

When it comes to celebrity pets, not many people know that Mike Tyson has a soft corner for pigeons. The renowned heavyweight boxer (who is the youngest boxer to have won the WBC, WBA and IBF titles) turned to pigeons for calm and solace, after the death of his four-year old daughter Exodus.

Mike Tyson kissing his pet pigeon

The pet pigeons are believed to be the main reason for his turnaround, after the tragic accident that killed his daughter. Mike Tyson also participates in pigeon racing events, during which he enters his pet pigeons in the competition. According to Mike Tyson, pigeons are very loyal creatures. Mike Tyson also once said that he wanted to die with pigeons fluttering all around him.

Mike Tyson with his pigeons flying around the room

Other than the pigeons, Mike Tyson also owned three Royal Bengal Tigers. Two of these tigers were female, rare white Bengal tigers named Kenya and Storm. The third tiger was a male cat named Boris, with golden-yellow fur.

One of Mike Tyson’s pet tigers also appeared alongside him in the Hollywood movie ‘The Hangover’, which released in 2009. According to reports, Mike Tyson spent an astonishing $4000 per month on maintenance and food for his pet tigers.

Mike Tyson with his pet Royal Bengal Tiger

However, Mike Tyson lost custody of his pet tigers when he was not able to acquire the proper license for keeping them in his house. They were confiscated by authorities in the USA, and sent to an animal refuge in Colorado state. So, now Mike Tyson only has his pet pigeons as company.

What do you think of Mike Tyson’s pet pigeons and tigers? Would you consider keeping a pigeon or a tiger as a pet?

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