Wednesday, January 2, 2013

World’s Most Expensive Beer - Samuel Adams’ Utopias Beer

The world’s most expensive beer is Samuel Adam’s Utopias Beer. Samuel Adams is an award-winning beer manufacturer, with more than 30 distinctive types of beer. They have been making some of the finest beers in America since 1984, when the company was founded by brewer Jim Koch.

Beer Kettle with Samuel Adams' aged beer

Samuel Adams uses a time-honoured beer manufacturing process, during which full-flavoured beers are made in a four-vessel processing stage. In 2002, Jim Koch launched the first batch of Samuel Adams’ Utopias beer, which became renowned because of its complex flavour. In 2012, Jim Koch announced the unveiling of the 10th anniversary batch of his Utopias beer, which is one of most extreme barrel-aged beers in the world.

The Utopias beer of Samuel Adams is a unique blend of selected liquids, some of which have been aged for more than 20 years in single-use bourbon casks. The 10th anniversary limited-edition Utopias beer will come in stylish black decanters, shaped like a brew kettle. There are only 15,000 bottles available, and each bottle is priced at $190.

The main reason why Samuel Adams Utopias beer is so expensive is because of its long aging requirement. The older the beer, the more extreme its taste. Beers are usually had fresh, and there are very few aged beers. So, this aged beer is extremely unique, hence, its high price.

So, what do you think of this expensive Utopias beer? Would you buy a bottle to celebrate with your friends?

From: Samuel Adams

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