Friday, January 4, 2013

Pet Diamonds: Turning Precious Pets Into Precious Gems

Pets are precious to their owners, and now you can turn a bit of your pet into a beautiful jewel, which you can wear for the rest of your life, even after your pet is gone. Whether your pet is alive or dead, all it takes are a few hairs or feathers, to create a precious diamond that serves as a loving reminder of your dog, cat or other animal.

The cost of pet diamonds starts from $1,400, with prices varying depending on colour and size. Pet diamonds are made from the carbon from your pet’s fur or cremated ashes in a laboratory, and have the same physical properties as diamonds collected from a diamond mine. These man-made laboratory diamonds are virtually indistinguishable from real mined diamonds.

Photos of the man-made diamonds made from pet's fur

The process of fabricating pet diamonds involves putting the carbon extracted from the fur/cremated remains, together with a diamond seed crystal, into a thick metal chamber, under high temperatures (2000 F) and pressure (800,000 pounds/sq inch). After a few days, a rough uncut diamond is produced, which can be polished and cut. The whole process of making such a man-made diamond can take about two months.

To get a one carat laboratory diamond, you’ll need about a cup of your pet’s hair or a cup of your pet’s cremated ashes. People can choose from different types of colours for their pet diamond, like red, orange, blue, yellow and white. These pet jewels can be set in rings, earrings, cufflinks and pendants, which can be worn whenever you want.

When you order a pet diamond, you also get a GIA certificate for your jewel, which gives information about the unique chemical composition of the cremated remains of your pet. While some people think this to be creepy, many grieving pet owners are turning to pet diamond making companies to create valuable keepsakes of their pet.

What do you think of the idea of creating a diamond out of the remains of your pet or loved one? Would you wear such a diamond?

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