Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Customized License Plates

Customized License Plates for your car or other vehicle are really cool status symbols to show off to your friends, but how far would you go and how much would you spend to get one?

Custom License Plates For Millionaires
This Abu Dhabi millionaire businessman desired personalized custom license plates with the lucky numbers '5' and '7' for his fancy cars. However, these novelty license plates do not come cheap.

customized personalized license plates licence plate custom vanity novelty car middle east
He spent 25 million Dirhams for custom license plate number '5' and 11 million Dirhams for personalized license plate number '7'. This is a whopping 36,000,000 Dirhams spent on vanity license plates alone!!!

Unbelievable but true!! Infact, the amount spent on these custom license plates was more than the cost of the cars themselves!!

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