Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Diamond iPhone Cases by Anita Mai Tan

Celebrated jewellery designer Anita Mai Tan has designed two beautiful iPhone cases, both encrusted with diamonds. These are the Spider iPhone case and the Dragon iPhone case. Each diamond iPhone case is priced at US $880,000, and can also be worn as a necklace.

Anita Mai Tan works for Al-Gems Global Design House, and has been designing exclusive pieces of jewellery for the world’s royalty and millionaires, for a number of years. The Dragon and Spider iPhone cases created by her were inspired by poetry and nature, and took about 16 long months to make.

Anita Mai Tan’s Dragon iPhone case is made from 18 carat gold, and is embedded with 2,200 diamonds, which in total weighs 32 carats. Some of these diamonds are colourless, while some are coloured diamonds in shades of brown, cognac and champagne.

 While designing this case, Anita Mai Tan has used numerology to enhance the luck factor of the wearer. While 22 symbolises ‘being easy’, 32 means ‘born lucky’. When you combine both, it adds up to 9, which symbolises leadership and integration. The dragon used in the design is meant to symbolise life, growth and the universe, plus this year is also the Chinese year of the dragon.

Anita Mai Tan’s Spider iPhone case is also made from 18 carat gold, and is embedded with 2,800 diamonds, which weigh 38 carats in total. Some of these diamonds are colourless, while some are black in colour. There are numerological meanings behind the numbers used in this case too: while 28 means ‘easy gaining wealth’, 38 symbolises ‘born wealth’.

Anita Mai Tan’s Diamond Dragon and Spider iPhone cases will be auctioned in autumn 2012, by Magnetic Communication Inc. at the famous Sparkle Event. The proceeds from the sale of these exclusive iPhone cases will be used to help NFTE, a charitable organisation that works for the education of youth with low incomes.

Anita Mai Tan is one of the few Asian-born jewellery designers to have one of her creations, namely ‘The Eye’, displayed at the US Museum of GIA, as part of their signature collection. In the past, Tan was in the news for designing the million dollar Heaven Gold Pen, which is one of the most costly pens in the world, and an exclusive pen for women.

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