Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Karl Lagerfeld's Emerald and Diamond Collar

Fashion mogul Karl Lagerfield has designed an ultra-chic emerald and black diamond collar, which is priced at US $ 45,000. Famous for his penchant for high collars, Karl Lagerfield is the creative genius behind the revival of the House of Chanel, one of the most prominent luxury fashion brands in the world.

This emerald and black diamond collar combines the areas of high fashion and stylish jewellery, to create a beautiful work of art. In fact, the luxury collar is an exclusive one-off piece, and could be a great collector’s item.

Karl Lagerfield’s emerald and black diamond collar features a giant 23.33 carat emerald embedded in black ‘rodium plated’ silver. This emerald is framed with strings of 40 carat black diamonds, which make the luxury collar a real show-stopper. This exquisite emerald collar was included in a jewellery exhibition, held in June- July 2012, to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

The proceeds from the sale of Karl Lagerfield’s emerald and black diamond collar will reportedly go towards CLIC Sargent, a children’s cancer charity. In addition, the person who buys this exclusive collar will also receive a sketch, personally signed by Mr. Karl Lagerfield. In the past, Mr. Lagerfield has displayed his fondness for opulent design, by creating custom objects for the rich, such as VIP helicopters.

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