Wednesday, August 1, 2012

2013 McLaren 12C Spider Convertible

The McLaren 12C Spider is the convertible version of McLaren Automotive’s MP4-12C supercar. Priced at US $302,830 in Great Britain, this lightweight convertible has a distinctive retractable hard top, and offers buyers impressive performance levels together with remarkable usability.

McLaren had previously introduced its MP4-12C supercar about a year ago, which was followed by a bout of worldwide expansion, during which 38 retail outlets were opened in 22 countries. The production launch of the MP4-12C truly saw the re-birth of McLaren as an automaker, as the company did not have an exclusive production vehicle for more than ten years. With the McLaren 12C Spider, the car manufacturer hopes to attract customers who love the thrill of supercar speed, together with open-top driving.

Features of the McLaren 12C Spider Supercar

The McLaren 12C Spider convertible supercar has exciting features, which are currently being talked about by car enthusiasts worldwide. Some of the features of this stunning looking car are:

  • Its Cover: The unique retractable hard top (RHT) of the McLaren 12C Spider convertible supercar can be operated at speeds of up to 30 km/hour, that too with a simple press of a button. The switch for operating the convertible cover is located in the bottom section of the centre console, inside the cabin. It takes only about 17 seconds to raise or lower the Retractable Hard Top of the McLaren 12C Spider convertible supercar.
  • Its Engine: The McLaren 12C Spider convertible has an ultra-lightweight and high powered 3.8 litre V8 twin turbo engine, which produces an amazing 625 PS (616 bhp) of power. The engine also has a carbon ‘MonoCell’ chassis, and a highly reliable 7 Speed SSG dual-clutch transmission, which enables the driver to change gears very quickly.
  • Its Interior: The interior of the McLaren 12C Spider convertible supercar has luxurious trim, which has been specially designed for this car, by leading designers. One will also be able to view the car’s M838T powerplant through a special glass screen located behind the tonneau cover of the car. 
  • Its Comfort: When it comes to dynamics technology, the McLaren 12C Spider convertible supercar has features such as ProActive Chassis Control, exclusive Brake Steer and the unique McLaren Airbrake. Together these technologies work to offer users a high level of riding comfort, in all types of driving conditions.

If you are interested in the McLaren 12C Spider convertible supercar, you could visit the 12C Spider online configurator, which will give you more information about the features and options available. Customers will be able to specify a combination of these options for customising their McLaren 12C Spider convertible supercar. These bespoke made-to-order McLaren convertibles will be available through any of McLaren’s new worldwide retailers.

The McLaren 12C Spider convertible supercar is priced at $302,830 in the United Kingdom, but prices may differ from country to country. According to sources, McLaren Automotive has already received many orders for this supercar, and has planned five deliveries to customers in November 2012.

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