Thursday, August 23, 2012

Azature Black Diamond Nail Polish – For $250,000

In August 2012, Azature launched a unique black nail polish, made of black diamonds, which is priced at an astounding US $250,000. Azature is a creator based in Los Angeles-California, who gained immense fame for his beautiful jewellery collections and fine chocolates. He has taken his signature Azature appeal up a step, with the launch of this exclusive black diamond nail polish, which only celebrities and the uber-rich would be able to buy.

This black diamond nail polish is being touted as the world’s most expensive nailpolish, and at a cost of US $250,000, it most certainly could be. In the past Azature has dressed up leading celebrities, including Rihanna, Beyonce and the royalty of some countries. He has always created unique products (like diamond jewellery and chocolates) to impress his elite clientele. With the launch of the world’s most expensive nail polish, Azature seems to be entering the high-end cosmetics business.

Features of Azature’s Black Diamond Nail Polish

The world’s most expensive bottle of nail polish contains 267 carats of black diamonds, which would add an amazing sparkle to the nails of a celebrity or an aristocrat. However, Azature will be producing only one bottle of this 267 carat - $250,000 black diamond nail polish, which seems to be sort of like a publicity gimmick to attract rich customers, rather than anything else.

They will also be producing a cheaper black diamond nail polish, which will contain only one real black diamond. This nail polish will be available for sale at just $25 for a 0.5oz/15ml bottle. According to Azature, the black diamond is the ultimate fine jewel. The young designer says, “Its combination of beauty, mystery and sophistication makes it a timeless luxury”.

Do you wear black nail polish or know someone who does? If you were really rich would you ever consider buying Azature’s expensive nail polish, if it were on sale? Or would you worry about the nail polish getting chipped, causing a big loss, and buy something else?

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