Wednesday, August 22, 2012

ParrLuxe Sea Cabana For $35,000

If you are a yacht owner who likes to stylishly lounge on the water, then a Sea Cabana may be what you need. In August 2012, ParrLuxe announced the launch of its unique new portable Sea Cabana, which has been priced at US $35,000. As the Sea Cabana is not a boat, it does not require registration. This allows one to pack the inflatable raft, and take it to any seaside or lakeside location.

With a Sea Cabana, yacht owners won’t have to climb up and down their yacht, to sunbathe or to swim. They can simply pack a few of their friends into the sea cabana, and enjoy swimming and sunbathing, at the same time. The ParrLuxe Sea Cabana is incredibly mobile, and allows one to relax, anywhere and anytime, in a very convenient manner.

This Sea Cabana has been designed by Stuart Parr, a renowned designer based in New York, who has also produced movies such as ‘8 Mile’ and ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’. His main objective while designing this inflatable raft was to provide a solution for people with large yachts, who often have to walk up several levels to the yacht roof to sunbathe, and then climb down to the level of the water for a swim.

Features of ParrLuxe’s Sea Cabana

When fully inflated the ParrLuxe Sea Cabana measures about 13 x 17 feet. As many as 20 people can be comfortably fitted onto the inflatable raft, to maybe join a millionaire’s Mediterranean yacht party. The Sea Cabana also has wraparound seating inside it, and a strong canopy, supported by a carbon-fibre frame, which can be removed if required. It only takes about 15 minutes of air pumping to fully inflate.

The ParrLuxe Sea Cabana also offers yacht owners a natural swimming-pool option, through a hole in the floor, which is covered with a net. When opened, this net covered floor allows people to take a cooling dip in the sea-water, without having to climb on and off the Sea Cabana. In addition, guests also have the option of tying the inflatable raft to a boat, and zooming over the water with friends.

Buying and operating an inflatable raft, such as ParLuxe’s $35,000 Sea Cabana is legal with most municipalities, including the elite holiday locations in the world. The raft is available for sale at most yacht accessory shops, and can be easily purchased. In fact, many people have bought the Sea Cabana, and it has been spotted in various exotic locations, such as Ithaca Island in Greece, Shelter Island and even New York.     For more information, you can email them at

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