Friday, August 3, 2012

CBrace Cufflinks by Shedrick Royale Perro

If you are looking for an elegant way to fasten French cuff button-holes, then Shedrick Royale Perro’s ‘CBrace’ cuff embellishment is for you. According to Perro, a leading accessory designer, regular cufflinks pinch the cuffs, resulting in an undefined and somewhat shoddy edge. Hence, he created the CBrace, which is the only ‘edge-defining cuff’ embellishment, and a stylish alternative to regular cufflinks.

Types of CBrace Cufflinks by S.Royale

The diamond CBrace cuff embellishments created by S.Royale are available in two designs:
  • A 24 carat diamond CBrace in platinum: This jewelled cufflink accessory has been embellished with 65 VVS1 round brilliant diamonds, which add up to 130 diamonds per pair. Each pair of platinum CBrace cufflinks are priced at a stupendous US $2,499,999. This design is also available in Sterling Silver. 
  • A 24 carat diamond CBrace in gold: This pair of cufflinks also has 65 VVS1 round brilliant diamonds embedded in each piece, which add up to 130 diamonds per pair. These diamonds are set in 18K gold. The gold CBrace cufflink is half a million dollars cheaper than the platinum CBrace cuff embellishment, and is priced at a slightly more affordable $1,999,999.
Cufflinks were first used to fasten the button holes of French cuffs in the early 16th century, and became a part of formal business attire in the next century. The CBrace cufflinks of inventor-designer Shedrick Royale Perro have brought about a new trend in the fashion and jewellery sector. Mainly targeting the ultra-rich worldwide, the CBrace cuff accessory can be effortlessly placed on the cuffs using three simple notions. In fact, many people say that they are easier to fasten than regular cuff links.

The CBrace cuff embellishments by S. Royale are primarily being manufactured from four materials: platinum, gold, sterling silver and wood. They are also available in four designs: original, triangle, round and diamond. The diamond and platinum CBraces are the most expensive, while the original plain CBrace costs only $3,500. If you are a millionaire who owns expensive suits and shirts, then you should certainly consider buying one of these.

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