Monday, August 6, 2012

Legacy by Angostura – World’s Most Expensive Rum

Legacy is a blend of rum produced by Angostura, one of the leading rum manufacturers in the Caribbean, with an awesome collection of rum brands. In July 2012, Angostura began offering 20 limited-edition 500ml bespoke decanters of Legacy rum, which is the most expensive rum in the world. In fact, each limited-edition decanter of Legacy rum is priced at US $25,000.

The Legacy rum in these decanters was made entirely by hand on the Caribbean island of Trinidad, over a period of six years. The rum was first distilled using a seven-column continuous still, before being chill filtered, and then aged in a once-used 200 litre America oak cask. It was produced mainly to mark the 50th anniversary of Trinidad and Tobago, where it can be bought in August.

The beautiful art-deco decanter that stores the Legacy rum is made from lead-free crystal, hand blown by Asprey London, a famous jeweller who has also designed pieces for the Prince of Wales. It has an intricate sterling silver stopper, on which a crystal figure of a rare Trinidadian butterfly can be attached. The butterfly is a motif for the Legacy rum, as well as signifies the belief that the landing of a butterfly on a sugarcane stalk means the beginning of harvest. The rum decanters are stored in a posh red box, along with the crystal butterfly stopper.

Launched by John Georges, the master rum distiller at Angostura, Legacy is an extremely rare blend of rum that serious rum connoisseurs would certainly love. It derives from the seven rarest rums of the distillery, the youngest of which is 17 years old. Angostura had planned to create the greatest sipping rum ever produced, and tasted success when they developed Legacy by Angostura, a unique and rare blend of rum.

According to master distiller John Georges, the price tag of $25,000 for a single decanter of Legacy is justified because Legacy contains a secret blend of some of the rarest rums produced by Angostura. Also, lots of time and effort were spent on creating this fine blend of rum. As there are few bottles available for sale, Legacy by Angostura is expected to become a collector’s item, which can be later resold at a higher price.

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