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Villa by Barton G or Casa Casuarina in Miami

The Casa Casuarina is a grand mansion in Miami, which once belonged to renowned fashion designer Gianni Versace. Currently a boutique hotel cum restaurant known as 'The Villa by Barton G", it has recently been put up for sale for a price of US $125 million.

The Casa Casuarina is spread over 23,400 square feet, and has ten bedrooms and eleven bathrooms. It overlooks the azure waters of the Atlantic Ocean, which is another reason why the mansion has been priced at the astonishing figure of US $125 million. All rooms at this million dollar property are poshly decorated, and have luxurious furnishings.

When you enter the hotel property, the first thing you will see is a beautiful swimming pool, decorated with mosaic tiles in a beautiful pattern. Some of the other attractive delights at the Villa by Barton G (Casa Casuarina) are the palm tree murals on the stairwell, and the gold-speckled tiles on the kitchen walls. The mansion also has one of the few fully marble bathrooms in the world.

History of the Casa Casuarina

The mansion was built in the 1930s by Alden Freemanbut, a great architect of the time. Gianni Versace spotted the house in the early 1990s while travelling, and really liked it. Hence, he purchased the Casa Casuarina in 1992 for $10 million. After buying the mansion, Gianni Versace spent around US $33 million on renovation and extension work.

During Giani Versace’s ownership a south wing measuring 6,100 square feet was added, together with a 54 foot mosaic-tiled swimming pool with gold linings, wall and ceiling frescoes, and a mosaic courtyard. After the assassination of Giani Versace on the steps of the Casa Casuarina, his sister Donatella sold the mansion for a mere $20 million. She also sold most of the furniture and decoration items for rock-bottom prices.

The Casa Casuarina was purchased by Peter Loftin, a business magnate from the telecom sector. Mr. Loftin used the property as a residence for some time, before turning it into an exclusive club with a $50,000 startup fee, and later into a boutique hotel cum restaurant. The Casa Casuarina was renamed Villa by Barton G. After the mansion was converted into a boutique hotel, many celebrities checked in as guests. Guided tours were also conducted in the Casa Casuarina, during which the Gianni Versace heritage of the hotel was displayed to visiting fans.

Over the years, the Casa Casuarina Villa has hosted some of the most popular celebrities and stars, and has attracted thousands of visitors annually. Everyone is waiting to see who finally buys this mansion, and for how much it is finally sold for.

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