Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Savoir Beds $75,000 Luxury Bed

Imagine yourself curled up on this comfortable Savoir bed, which costs a stupendous $75,000. Luxury beds handcrafted by Savoir were first manufactured for the famous Savoy Hotel in London from 1905 onwards. The legendary comfort of these beds led to leading celebrities, such as Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, Elton John, Sir Winston Churchill and Oprah Winfrey, trying them out for a good night’s sleep.

The $75,000 Savoir luxury bed is believed to have taken about 120 man hours to create, and the work of a master craftsman, seamstress, cutter and joiner. Savoir seems to have incorporated modern bed making innovations, together with drawing on their hundred-years of bed-making experience, to fashion this exclusive $75,000 Savoir luxury bed. Some of the features of this ultra-comfortable king-size bed are:

  • The frame of hardwood beech: The frame of the expensive Savoir bed has a few bespoke features that include suede upholstery, dovetail joints, a hand tied cage edge that is flexible, and a 2 inch hair roll (hand-stitched). 
  • The mattress: The mattress of the $75,000 Savoir bed is covered with a panel of high-tech stretch cotton material. It is filled with deep, high-turn pocket springs. The mattress stuffing consists of loads of loose, curled horsetail, kilos of pure cashmere, and a double layer of carded lambs’ wool.

The retail cost price of $75,000 is for the biggest Savoir king-size bed (US). This makes it one of the most expensive beds in the world. These luxury beds by Savoir are also available in a variety of other sizes and styles, including those created by top designers.

Savoir also creates made-to-measure luxury beds and mattresses, for those rich millionaires who like to splurge on sleep…and there are many of those. After all, everyone spends about one-third of their life sleeping, and it’s wonderful if this one-third period can be spent in ultra-comfort, in the depths of a luxury bed.

Do you think that it’s worth splurging on a luxury bed, like this bed crafted by Savoir?

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