Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Farbod Barsum’s Mona Handbag

Check out this red alligator skin purse by Farbod Barsum. The famous handbag designer recently launched ‘The Mona’, a red handbag made from ultra-soft alligator skin. Farbod Barsum is a bag company that makes purses and handbags, from alligator skin, ostrich skin and other exotic materials, which have been farmed and harvested.

Leading celebrities have been photographed carrying Farbod Barsum handbags and purses. This includes names like Heidi Klum and Christina Hendricks. In the past, Farbod Barsum gained lots of publicity through handbags and purses, like the:
  • The Birkin Bag, with gold and diamonds. 
  • The Birkin Handbag, costing a whopping $1.9 million dollars. 
  • The Passe-Guide bags and purses.
‘The Mona’ handbag of Farbod Barsum is a supposed artistic creation, priced at a huge $31,980 to be exact. It is made from Strawberry American Alligator Ultrasoft Grade skin. As the strawberry red dye used in the manufacture of the alligator skin is a special exclusive shade, it makes the bag one-of a kind. Hence, the high price of The Mona handbag at $32,000.

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