Thursday, September 20, 2012

Jil Sanders Paper Bag – Most Expensive In The World

Priced at $290, the Jil Sanders Paper Bag is a luxury that only rich millionaires will be able to afford. Being priced such, it is believed to be the most expensive paper bag in the world! The Jil Sander fashion line has always been known for its simple elegant designs, and their designer paper bag is no exception.

As the brand is popular with celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Kanye West, the Jil Sanders paper bags were sold out in no time at all. This happened at the fashion house’s store in SoHo. According to Mildred Fabian, the regional director of the design house, the main reason behind this, is the fact that the paper bag is being considered a ‘fashion statement’ by elite shoppers.

Features of the Jil Sanders Paper Bag

The luxury paper bags designed by Jil Sander’s were part of the men’s fall collection. They are made of treated brown paper, which had been stitched together with seam finish. Each paper bag has metal eyelets at the bottom, together with the Jil Sander logo. Mildred Fabian said that both versions of the paper bag sold out pretty fast, possibly because they were part of Raf Simons last collection.

Now what would one use a $290 paper bag for? Certainly not grocery shopping, unless diamonds and precious stones were being sold in the supermarket!

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