Thursday, September 6, 2012

Jaali and City - Jack Row’s Luxury Pen Collections

Some call them fashionable writing instruments, while some call them luxury pens. Jack Row will launch two new collections of luxury fountain pens at the Goldsmith’s Fair in London, an artistic jewellery exhibition that showcases the works of talented independent-manufacturers from across Britain.

Jack Row is an award-winning British craftsperson and designer, who has produced numerous exquisitely designed products, which are valued both as extraordinary art pieces, as well as functional items. Of these products, Jack Row has gained the most fame for his bespoke fountain pens and luxury writing instruments.

Only 26 years old, Jack Row graduated from The Birmingham School of Jewellery. In 2011, he launched the ‘Architech’ collection of fountain pens made from precious metals, which were sold at the famous luxury store Harrods.

Jack Row usually works with expensive metals like silver, gold and platinum, together with a variety of precious gems. He combines traditional goldsmith skills with modern jewellery design technology, to create incredible objets d’art.

Jack Row’s Jaali and City Luxury Fountain Pens

Jack Row will now be launching his new collections of luxury fountain pens and writing instruments at the Goldsmith’s Fair, scheduled to be held from 24th to 30th September 2012, in London, United Kingdom. These collections of exclusive writing pens have been named ‘Jaali’ and ‘City’, and will be displayed together with other pieces of fine jewellery, cufflinks and art pieces crafted by Jack Row.

Each Jack Row luxury fountain pen is hand made from 18 carat gold and solid sterling silver. They have precious petrol-blue diamonds studded all over them. The geometric patterns of the design come from historic Islamic art, such as that seen on the famous Taj Mahal in India. Jack Row was inspired by these designs, especially the Jaali latticed screens, a main feature of Mughal architecture in India.

Each of the Jaali and City pens crafted by Jack Row also has a solid 18ct gold nib, and all fountain pen designs are also available in ball-pen (roller-ball) versions.


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