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The Palace of Justice in Bucharest, Romania

The Palace of Justice, or Palatul Justitiei in Romanian, is located on Splaiul Independentei in the city of Bucharest in Romania. It exterior of the palace was designed by Albert Ballu (a French architect) in the French Renaissance style, while the interiors were finished by Ion Mincu. The construction began in 1890, after King Charles I laid the foundation stone, and was completed by 1895. After completion, the palace received rave reviews from the press, as being one of most exquisite buildings in the world.

Features of the Palace of Justice in Buchrest, Romania

The exterior fa├žade of The Palace of Justice in Bucharest-Romania has six massive pillars and law-themed statues sculpted by famous sculptor Karl Stork. These statues have names related to law, such as ‘justice’, ‘truth’, ‘eloquence’, ‘vigour’, ‘attention’ and ‘law’. There are two other statues on the roof, named ‘strength’ and ‘prudence’. The Palace of Justice is spread over an area of 33,235 metres square, and has three floors. It also has 690 rooms. Some rooms in the Palace of Justice have been named after legal luminaries, such as Ion Tanoviceanu and Andrei Radulescu.

Interior of Palace of Justice in Bucharest, Romania

The most important room at The Palace of Justice is the ‘Hall of the Clock’. This room got its name from the fact that a clock once stood in the room that measured the time spent in it. When Ceasusescu (the socialist ruler) came into power, he began destroying all buildings owned by royals in Romania. In 1990, he intended to destroy the Palace of Justice as it was an unsafe building. He wished to construct a socialist palace in its place, but was prevented from doing so by the Revolution.

Exterior of Palace of Justice in Bucharest, Romania

As the Palace of Justice is located on the banks of the Dambovita River, it has been damaged many times, mainly by water seepage and earthquakes. The last restoration was done from 2003-2006. While the front part of the The Palace of Justice holds the Bucharest Court of Appeal and The Sector 5 Court, the back part of the palace accommodates a small prison.

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