Friday, September 28, 2012

5000FLY La Pellegrina Super Yacht

Measuring 50 metres, the 5000Fly La Pellegrina is the largest French superyacht that has been fully built from Kevlar Carbon. The Super yacht made its debut at the Cannes Boat Show, held in September 2012. It has been constructed by Couach Shipyards, a ship building company that was established in 1897, at their Arcachon Bay shipbuilding yard.

Features of the 5000FLY La Pellegrina Yacht

The 5000FLY La Pellegrina yacht was named after the famous 27.5 carat ‘La Pellegrina’ pearl. It measures 50 metres in length, but weighs only around 290 tonnes. Even though it is lighter than most boats it is very stable and fast, and also has the ability to smoothly cruise at 28 knots, even in heavy sea conditions.

When it comes to height, the 5000FLY La Pellegrina yacht is 12 metres high, and has four different levels. There are six luxurious cabins aboard this French super yacht, in which 12 guests can be comfortably fitted. The interiors of the yacht have been designed by Jean-Pierre Fantini and styled by Danièle Chopard, two people, who each have an experience of 20 years in yacht designing.

The hull of the 5000FLY La Pellegrina yacht is the biggest hull moulded using the specific one piece infusion process. This V-shaped hull has also been manufactured from Glass Kevlar, which is more shock-resistant than the traditional aluminium or polyester hulls, used on other yachts.

Other features of the 5000FLY La Pellegrina super yacht are:

  • The Master Cabin: Situated on the top deck, this cabin offers breathtaking 360 degree views of the sea. It also has a private terrace deck, a large dressing room, and a white marble bathroom with a hamam.
  • Other Rooms: The 5000FLY La Pellegrina yacht has two kitchens, a bar with dashboard, a lounge, and a Jacuzzi for six people. 
  • Centralised Entertainment System: There is a video server onboard the 5000FLY La Pellegrina super yacht, which can store as many as a thousand films. The boat also has a music library, television, and satellite communication. 
  • Home-Automation Features: Lights, window shades and doors can be operated using digital tablets.
  • Waste Water Treatment: The 5000FLY La Pellegrina yacht has a good waste water treatment system, which enables it to sail in protected sailing zones that strictly monitor discharges.

Couach Shipyards has more than 100 years experience in shipbuilding, and even today uses its traditional hand-craftsmanship, to make bespoke yachts for its elite clientele. Some yachts, like the 5000FLY La Pellegrina super yacht, may require the hard work of as many as 300 ship craftsmen.

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