Friday, October 19, 2012

Swarovski Crystal Studded Harley-Davidson Sportster

Wanna drive this glittering machine? Devas Bling (a Swarovski crystal retailer and customisation workshop) has introduced a unique Harley-Davidson Sportster motorcycle, embedded with sparkling Swarovski crystals.

Known as the ‘daddy of motorcycles’, Harley Davidson bikes are popular for their laid-back seating style and growling engine. Now imagine a crystal-studded Harley Davidson bike zooming down the road, in front of you. Spectacular, isn’t it.

This Swarovski-studded Harley-Davidson Sportster motorcycle has thousands of Swarovski crystals studded on certain parts of the bike, such as the rear fender, the front end and the fuel tank. There is also the design of a jewelled skull (made entirely of Swarovski crystals), on the area beneath the seat of the motorbike.

Fender of the Swarovski studded Harley Davidson Motorcycle

Moreover, Swarovski crystals also adorn the gear shift lever of this Harley-Davidson motorbike, which would make it a bit uncomfortable to change gears. Customisation workshop ‘Devas Bling’ is very proud of their Swarovski Harley Davidson Sportster, and is waiting for customisation orders to pour in.

What do you think of this crystal-studded bike? Would you ever want to drive such a motorcycle, or does it have too much bling for you?

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