Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Mouna Diamond – Yellow Diamond

The Mouna Diamond is the 13th biggest diamond in the world, and weighs a huge 112.53 carats. It is named the ‘Mouna’ diamond after its former owner Mouna Ayoub, a French socialite and former wife of Saudi billionaire businessman Nasser Al-Rachid.

Mouna Ayoub was originally from Lebanon, but now lives in France. She sold the Mouna Diamond and some of her other jewellery to pay for revamping work on the ‘Bernard Tapie Phocea’, a boat she had earlier purchased. The yellow diamond was auctioned by Christie’s in November 1998, for an extravagant sum of $3,258,000, or around $28,773 per carat.

Photo of the golden-yellow Mouna Diamond

The Mouna diamond is a yellow cushion-shaped gem, which measures about 26mm in diameter. It is said to be one of the biggest intense yellow diamonds in the world. The Mouna diamond was set in a baguette-cut mount pendant by Bulgari, and was originally a part of a jewellery collection, named the Mouna Al-Ayoub.

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