Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Land Yacht - Luxury Celebrity Trailer by Airstream

The Land Yacht luxury trailer by Airstream is a new concept trailer for the rich, which was launched at the National RV Trade show in Lousiville, USA. This luxury trailer has yacht-like luxurious interiors, hence, its name. The Land Yacht trailer also has design elements from some of the leading yachts and watercrafts of the world.

Exterior of Airstream's Land Yacht luxury caravan for celebrities

While the Land Yacht luxury trailer can be used as a recreational vehicle or mobile home for the rich, it is more suitable as a trailer dressing-room, vanity van or luxury caravan of a Hollywood celebrity, who is shooting a film in the outdoors. The actor or actress can rest inside it between shots, change costumes and have make-up put on.

Bedroom of the Land Yacht celebrity trailer and vanity saloon

The Land Yacht luxury trailer is made from high-quality materials including high-lustre teak wood and white wood inlay for the boat-deck flooring. It has LED lighting panels, Corian solid surfaces, and lavish Ultraleather sofas. The concept trailer measures 28 feet in length, and is sleek and sophisticated in design.

Galley or kitchen of Airstream's Land Yacht luxury trailer

This luxury trailer can comfortably hold up to five people. It has a bedroom in the front, a bathroom in the middle, and a social space at the rear. This social living area has a galley or kitchen, which can be conveniently hidden when it is not being used.

Airstream has always been the preferred choice of Hollywood celebrities, when it comes to luxury caravans and vanity vans. Most famous celebrities prefer to buy Airstream trailers, like Mathew McCanaughey who owns three. It is expected that most people who buy the Land Yacht luxury trailer will be Hollywood celebrities and studios, who need a lavish vanity caravan for film shoots.

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