Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bvlgari Astrale Jewel Watches For Women

Bvlgari, the famous Roman luxury jewellery brand, has launched two new Bulgari Astrale Jewel watches for women with multi-coloured jewels and stones. The Astrale Collection of Bvlgari watches were launched in 2004, and have a constellation of light and colours, with round-shaped elements, and a diamond-studded pave setting.

In 2012, Bvlgari unveiled two multi-coloured versions of their Astrale Jewel watches for women, which capture the magnetic charm of a starlit sky. Take a look at their photos below:

2012 Bvlgari Astrale watch with white gold case and white dial

The first Bulgari Astrale watch with jewels has a white dial with an 18 karat white-gold case. It is set with round brilliantly-cut diamonds and multi-coloured gemstones. The strap of this luxury be-jewelled watch is made from dark-grey satin with an 18kt white-gold folding buckle with three blades.

2012 Bvlgari Astrale watch with yellow gold case and black dial

The second Bvlgari Astrale watch for women has a black dial with an 18 karat yellow-gold case. Like the other ladies watch, it is set with sparkling round brilliantly-cut diamonds and coloured jewels. It has a technological satin strap with an 18 carat yellow-gold folding buckle with three blades.

Numerous celebrities own Bvlgari watches, including some be-jewelled luxury Astrale watches. These Hollywood celebrities include Celine Dion, Heather Mills, Julianne Moore, Christina Ricci and even U2’s Bono.

What do you think of these luxury gold, diamond and jewel Bulgari watches for women? Would you buy one for your loved ones this Christmas?

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