Monday, December 10, 2012

Fly in Style: Boeing's Luxurious VIP BBJ Private Jet

Business magnates who are accustomed to luxurious travel and spend lots of time in airplanes, can think about buying this special Boeing VIP Business Jet. This private jet is a 737-700 Boeing airplane with special technical details for long-duration flights. It has seven auxiliary fuel tanks, and can be flown continuously for over 5,600 nautical miles at the speed of Mach 0.80: about 12 hours of non-stop flight time.

Exterior of luxury Boeing VIP BBJ

This special luxury VIP Boeing BBJ was launched at the Asian Business Aviation Conference in Shanghai, in March 2012. Soon after, one of these aircrafts was delivered to a United States-based billionaire, who wanted to use it together with his other Boeing BBJ. Other than its ability to fly for long durations, this private jet also has other unique features, which billionaire businessmen would gladly welcome. One of these is its Honeywell Ovation Select digital communication system.

Interior cabin of VIP Boeing Business Jet

The Honeywell Ovation Select high-speed digital communication system in this luxury VIP BBJ allows passengers to work aboard their Boeing private jet, just as easily as they would in their ground office. It delivers strong Internet connectivity, and allows communication through laptops, smartphones and iPads without any disturbance. Passengers can also conduct international video conference calls through this system, while travelling long distances in this Boeing VIP private jet.

Luxury Features of the 737-700 VIP Boeing Business Jet

The luxury interiors of this Boeing BBJ are designed by Jet Tech Aviation from Spokane, Washington. The master stateroom is spacious and has a king-size bed, with a private washroom and a shower.

Master bedroom in luxury Boeing private jet

There is also a smaller stateroom for guests with small divan-cum-beds, on which up to eight passengers may sleep.

Other features of this luxury VIP Boeing Business Jet are:
  • A central island with a shower.
  • A small kitchen with microwave ovens, a refrigerator, a convection stove, a trash compactor and a wine cooler. 
  • A 46-inch HDTV monitor and a 42-inch HDTV monitor, for viewing videos in high definition.

Fully equipped kitchen in Boeing VIP BBJ private jet

This private Boeing BBJ can comfortably carry up to 19 passengers, and is great for business tycoons who wish to travel to international meetings with their team of executives. It is also suitable for celebrities and politicians.

From: Boeing

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i think those kinda private jet is very efficient and effective for businessmen, which is they travel a lot, and who wants to be effective in their activities, still can work aboard. Literally, the private jet making all the stuff easier for businessmen.