Thursday, December 20, 2012

Rihanna’s New Pacific Palisade Mansion For $12 Million

Singer and actress Rihanna splashed out a huge $12 million to purchase a luxury mansion in the Pacific Palisades area of California, USA. This Pacific Palisades mansion is one of the most luxurious homes in this west coast state. It is spread over an area of 11,000 square feet, and boasts of seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms and a luxury gourmet kitchen.

The drawing room with fireplace at Rihanna's new Pacific Palisades home

The outdoor space available with the Pacific Palisades mansion is just as majestic as the interior, and consists of a large well-manicured garden, lush lawns and a large swimming pool. This swimming pool is not like any other swimming pool, and also has a spa, a sundeck for lounging around, a barbeque and a bar. Near the pool is a yard measuring 6,000 square feet, which is great for holding small parties and events.

The bedroom, french windows and outdoor swimming pool at Rihanna's California home

Rihanna’s Pacific Palisades mansion also has another sundeck on the top floor, for soaking in the sun in a private setting. We don't know for sure if Rihanna will be moving into this mansion for Christmas or not, but the home sure makes a nice luxury Christmas gift, for a celebrity of Rihanna's stature!

What do you think of the new Pacific Palisades mansion purchased by Rihanna? Would you like to live in a home like this?

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