Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Luxury Bicycle Trunks by Moynat

Moynat, a French luxury trunk maker, has launched a range of bicycle picnic trunks for uber-rich cyclists, who love to go on quiet picnics in the lush outdoors. Moynat is one of the oldest and most illustrious French trunk makers, who are also known as ‘malletiers’. They began designing trunks in 1849, and have created some of the most beautiful and versatile trunks since then.

With the launch of its exclusive line of luxury bicycle trunks, Moynat aims to revive the classic tradition of trunks, which disappeared many years ago with the advent of plastic picnic baskets and trunks. Moynat has always been regarded in high esteem for its traditional know-how and handcrafting skills, used in creating bespoke luggage items and travel goods. It is now owned by Bernard Arnault, the CEO of LVMH, who bought the company in 2010.

Features of Moynat’s Bicycle Trunk

This bicycle trunk is a handy product that comes along with its very own Dutch-style bicycle. It can be easily placed between the front wheel and the handlebars of a cycle, and includes a fully-equipped picnic basket. Some of the features of Moynat’s bicycle trunk are:
  • Its adaptability to fit any bike model. 
  • A brushed aluminium thermos flask.
  • Porcelain goblets. 
  • Plate and cutlery holders. 
  • A sandwich drawer. 
  • Brown leather strips for holding napkins and silverware in one place. 
  • Cases for holding other picnic items.
This bicycle trunk has been crafted from Moynat’s signature ‘Art Deco Initiale’ canvas, and has a structure made from wood. It is available by special order from Moynat’s flagship store on Rue Saint- HonorĂ©, in Paris, France.

This luxury bicycle trunk is expected to be picked up by owners of the world’s most expensive bicycles, such as the diamond-studded luxury bicycle launched a few months ago. It makes a great accessory for elite folk who like to picnic in the countryside. In the past, Moynet had launched an elegant pop-up trunk, for serving customers breakfast-in-bed at posh French hotels.

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