Friday, November 23, 2012

World's Most Expensive Scrabble Set - £20,000

A Scrabble Set priced at £20,000 (or $31,830) will be used at the Prague Mind Sports event, which is scheduled to be held in Prague, later on in 2012. This expensive scrabble board has been created by Mind Sports International, to bring the game of scrabble alive and broadcast it to a global audience.

Mind Sports International's Electronic Scrabble Board

The £20,000 scrabble set has a board that possesses RFID technology, and can broadcast scrabble tournaments online, in real-time. The RFID technology in the scrabble board is able to read the letter tiles on the board in micro-seconds, and transmit this information to a specially-created scrabble tournament software. This software will display the location of each alphabet tile, together with HD video footage of the scrabble player, to online viewers across the world.

Scrabble Board for the Prague Mindsports Event

The world’s most expensive Scrabble Set also has integrated RGB controlled LED lighting and a smooth carbon fibre finish. It contains nine RFID circuit boards, which house a total of 225 RFID antennas. These antennas and circuit boards read each individual scrabble tile. In turn, each scrabble alphabet tile has a unique RFID tag with an embedded RFID circuit board, which can be identified by the RFID antennas in the main scrabble board.

Do you play Scrabble, and will you be watching the Prague Mind Sports event online? What do you think of this expensive scrabble board set?

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