Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Premier Rose Diamond

The Premier Rose diamond is an extremely rare diamond, which belongs to the ‘purest of the pure’ category of diamonds. Other diamonds in this rare category include the famous Cullinan diamonds, the Millenium Star diamond and the Centenary diamond.

The white Premier Rose diamond

The Premier Rose diamond was discovered in March 1978. As a rough uncut diamond, it weighed an astounding 353.9 carats. After cutting and polishing the massive diamond yielded three smaller diamonds:
  • The Big or Premier Rose diamond, which weighed 137.02 carats. 
  • The Little Rose diamond, which weighed 31.34 carats. 
  • The Baby Rose diamond, which weighed 2.11 carats.
The Premier Rose diamond is currently the tenth largest diamond in the world.

In 1979, soon after it was cut, the Premier Rose diamond was purchased by an anonymous buyer for $10 million. A short time ago, it was bought by diamond connoisseur Robert Mouawad, for his diamond collection that boasts of some of the rarest diamonds in the world.

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