Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mecox Bay's Water Mill Estate With Private Island Listed at $40 Million

The Water Mill Estate in Mecox Bay has been listed for sale for the price of $40 million dollars. This piece of real estate property has its own private island, and offers amazing waterfront views in the Hamptons. People have described the Water Mill estate as a combination between a luxury yacht and a magnificent estate, and sure enough, it certainly offers the opulence that would be desired by billionaires.

Overhead view of the Water Mill residence and its private island

The Water Mill Estate is owned by Andrew Zaro, the Chairman of Cavalry Portfolio Services (a finance company). It is located on 479 Rose Hill Road, in Mecox Bay, Water Mill. Mecox Bay is in Suffolk County, New York, USA. The mansion on this property was designed by Val Florio, a renowned architect, and is spread over an area of 15,000 square feet. The entire real estate property measures a huge 2.3 acres on Mecox Bay. It was previously listed as a rental home, for the monthly rental price of $395,000.

Features of the Water Mill Estate on Mecox Bay

The Water Mill home has a double-height foyer, with multiple living areas. These areas consist of a massive living room, a formal dining room, five lavish suites, and a fully-equipped recreational room. In total, the Water Mill residence has nine bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, and a garage that accommodates three cars. It also has a separate butler room, which includes its own living room.

White bedroom in the Water Mill estate in Suffolk County

The Water Mill Estate in Mecox Bay also has its own private island, which can be seen from the huge balconies of the mansion. This waterfront property also offers breathtaking views of the blue waters of the Mecox Bay, and the majestic ocean, beyond. On the grounds of the 2.3 acre real estate property is an infinity pool and spa. The residence also has an outdoor living room, and a dock that is big enough to berth a few small boats.

Other features of the Water Mill home in Mecox Bay are:
  • A billiards table. 
  • A table tennis table. 
  • A modern gym and fitness centre.
  • A walk-in wine cellar. 
  • A full wet bar room. 
  • A 10-seat movie theatre.
Living room at the Mecox Bay residence in New York

There is a small beach about 365 feet from the bulk-headed waterfront, which faces the private island of the Water Mill home.

What do you think of this home? Would you like to live at this real estate property?

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