Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Nordic-Gold Colour Audi R8 Car - For China Only

Take a look at this Nordic-Gold coloured Audi R8 car. Since the Audi R8 two-seater sports car was launched in 2006 by German automaker Audi, this car has continued to impress the world with its design and high performance levels.

Side-view of nordic gold coloured Audi R8 two-seater car

Now, the Audi R8 sports car has been tailored for the Chinese market, and will be available in a limited-edition of 30 cars as the R8 China Edition. This car is designed to attract the attention of car enthusiasts in China, who are rich, and can afford to buy it. The Chinese Audi R8 sports car has a rich Nordic-gold exterior colour, which sets it apart from the other cars on the road.

Interior of nordic-gold Audi R8 for the Chinese market

Other features of the Nordic-gold Audi R8 China Edition sportscar include:
  • 19” wheels in 5 twin-spoke ‘Y’ design with titanium look. 
  • The front and rear slats, rear bumper, radiator grille surround and bars painted in matt titanium grey. 
  • An aluminium gear knob with a limited edition number, to show that the sports car is a unique item. The Audi R8 China Edition cars will be numbered from 1 to 33, excluding numbers 4, 14 and 24, which are considered unlucky in China.

Audi R8 Limited Edition nordic-gold car for China

What do you think of this Nordic-gold coloured Audi R8 car? Does is look elite enough for the rich people of China?

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