Sunday, March 21, 2010

24k Gold Facial Treatment

If you are really rich, you may now improve the condition of your skin with a 24k gold facial treatment. This metal is known to work wonders on your skin and make you look younger as gold is one of the softest metals and is readily absorbed by the skin.

Procedure of 24k Gold Facial Treatment

This facial is available only at select beauty clinics and spas in the world, as it is quite costly. The main substances used in a 24k gold facial treatment are gold cream, gold gel and a gold facial mask. These products also have Aloe Vera, wheat germ oil and sandalwood in them.

A model displays the 24k gold facial treatment, designed by Umo Inc. at the Beautyworld Japan 2007 trade fair in Tokyo May 7, 2007. The treatment involves using gold leaves made of 24 karat gold to cover the face and costs 30,000 yen ($250).

Advantages of a 24K Gold Facial Mask

Some of the advantages of using this gold leaf mask are -
  • Revitalizes and rejuvenates the skin.
  • Removes toxins and wastes
  • Assists lymphatic drainage
  • 24k gold facial treatments can also help blood circulation.
  • It increases skin elasticity.
  • Accelerating cell renewal is another benefit of using 24k gold facial masks
  • It is known to reverse oxidation damage
24k gold facial treatment and massages are used by both women and men millionaires. Have you tried one yet?

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