Thursday, August 9, 2012

Unique Villa in Son Vida, Spain

If you are looking for a luxury home with unconventional architecture, then check out the Unique Villa in Son Vida, Spain. Priced at US $36,671,730, this elegant villa in Palma has an innovative design and avant-garde architecture, which is sure to please anyone looking for an out-of-the-ordinary home.

The Unique Villa in Son Vida, Spain is spread over a lavish area of property, and includes three buildings. These buildings have eight full bedrooms and eight full bathrooms, all decorated with modern furnishings and exclusive architecture.

The first building of the Unique Villa is the main house, which has three floors. It features a beautiful living room, a TV room, a library, a kitchen, a wine cellar and a few lavish bedroom suites, including the master bedroom. The second building of the Unique Villa in Palma is for leisure activities. It holds a spa, a fitness centre and a swimming pool. The third building at this Spanish villa is spread over an area of 200 square metres. It is sort of like a guest house, with guestrooms for visitors to stay in.

Other Features of the Unique Villa in Son Vida
  • Lighting Effects: This beautiful Spanish villa has unusual lighting effects. This includes the provision of crystal lights with a special LED technology, which have been installed on the surface of the mansion. These lights can be programmed to change colours, according to the owner’s wishes.
  • Security System: The Unique Villa in Son Vida has a unique high-tech security system designed to keep intruders and paparazzi away. 
  • Garage: It has a spacious garage, for storing up to four cars. It also has a huge drive and ample outdoor space, which can be used for parking additional cars, if needed.
  • Staff quarters: These include special rooms for the cleaning, kitchen and security staff, which are smaller than the regular bedrooms of the villa.
  • Beautiful view: The Unique Villa in Palma, Spain is situated on a hill overlooking the city of Son Vida, and offers stunning panoramic views of the area.

What do you think of Unique Villa’s distinctive architecture? Would you prefer such an unconventional home or would you like something a bit more traditional?

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