Sunday, October 28, 2012

Quantum Play’s BlackBall Football Tables and Convertible Pool Table

If you are a football fan, you’ll love these football tables, or foosball tables (as they call them in the USA). Quantum Play has introduced a line of BlackBall football tables and a convertible pool-dining table for British football fans.

I liked the design of these bespoke tables, and thought the Manchester United one would be a great gift for my brother, because he is a big fan of Manchester United. I love watching football too, however, I am a fan of Germany’s Bayern Munich, and the company does not seem to make Bayern Munich foosball tables.

Customisable foosball table for playing hand-football

These football tables would be a great addition to your private gaming room, if you are rich enough to have one in your house. Else, you can always keep it in the basement and call your friends over to play. The Blackball football tables have a modern design with a polished aluminium top, curved playfield, and telescopic steel rods with chrome aluminium handles and silicon grips.

Some of the other features of Quantum Play’s football tables are:

  • ABS reinforced anti-shock polyester structure. 
  • Centralized ball return. 
  • LED basin lighting. 
  • ATAO sound system.
  • Customised logos of your favourite soccer team, and colours.

Each Quantum Play foosball table comes with eleven cork balls, eleven black and white coloured balls, and a cleaning kit (including a spray cleaner, microfiber cloth and lubricant. The price range for these football tables starts at $25,515.

The Lambert Pool Table

Quantum Play also has a convertible billiards table called the Lambert Pool Table. This table is built with contrast cloth and a stainless steel metallic finish, and has the centralised ball return feature of the football tables, together with LED lighting. Besides these features, the Lambert Pool Table has a top frame that can be customised in a range of finishes, like matt, textured wood grain and high gloss laminates.

Convertible pool-cum-dining table

As the Lambert Pool Table has an ultra-slim frame, it can be used both as a pool table and as a stylish dining table. It can be easily fitted in your dining room, and can be converted into a dining table within a few minutes. Quantum Play’s standard convertible Lambert Pool Table is priced at $8,772.

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