Tuesday, November 20, 2012

World’s Most Expensive Toy Air Plane - Auctioned For £10,000

A toy air plane, dating back to 1941, was auctioned for the majestic price of £10,000 (or US $15,969), to become the most expensive toy air-plane in the world. This auction was held at Bonham’s in the United Kingdom, and also included the auction and sale of other World War 2 items, like the German Enigma coding machine.

Vintage British toy airplane

This 70-year old tin toy airplane is a camouflaged monoplane, which was one of three original toy monoplanes made by W.Britain, a leading toy manufacturer in Great Britain. This small tin monoplane was found in a loft, at a home in Bristol, wrapped in newspaper that dated back to Second World War times.

In 1941, when the Second World War began, the city of Bristol became the fifth most heavily bombed British city, mainly because of the presence of the Bristol Aeroplane Company and the Bristol Harbour. These installations were considered a good bombing target by the German Luftwaffe (war planes), and routinely faced a heavy blitz of bombs.

Toy air-plane in mint condition

It is believed that in 1941, the young owner of the tin toy airplane died without being able to play with it, which is why the toy is in mint condition. The toy continued to remain in the loft, untouched for the next 70 years, and is still packaged in the original box it came in. The original cost of the toy airplane was 9s 6d, and it had been bought from the Gyles Brothers toyshop in Bristol.

At the Bonham’s auction, the toy air plane was purchased by an American collector, who bid £10,000, to make it one of the most expensive toy airplanes in the world.

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