Friday, November 23, 2012

World’s Most Expensive Horse: Green Monkey

The most expensive horse in the world is Green Monkey, a colt that was born in the state of Florida, USA. The horse was sold for a massive $16 million, and is expected to race at the Kentucky Derby horserace.

The world's most expensive horse 

Green Monkey was purchased for $16 million by Demi O’Bryne. The colt is the offspring of two horses, which were both winners of Kentucky Derby horse races. Green Monkey was first noticed by horse buyers when he achieved the fastest time amongst 154 racehorses at the Calder Race Course.

Green Monkey racing in a horse race

Green Monkey is a handsome dark brown colt, with a black mane, and a white mark on his nose. He looks quite remarkable. Many people wanted to buy him, and he was finally sold to Demi O’Bryne for $16 million, to become the world’s most expensive horse.

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