Friday, October 26, 2012

Pierre Chen – Art Collection

Pierre Chen is one of the foremost art collectors in Taiwanese society, and has an astounding art collection. He is the founder of Yageo Corporation (based in Taipei, Taiwan), and is known for his classy sense of dressing and style.

Pierre Chen puts a lot of passion into whatever he does, whether its his business or his art collection. He does a lot of research into art, and considers the valuable opinions of leading art connoisseurs, before purchasing a painting or other work of art.

Tamsui painting by Chen Cheng Puo

One of the most famous paintings purchased by Pierre Chen is the ‘Tamsui’ painting, an oil painting created by Chen Cheng-Po (a Japanese-period Taiwanese artist). Tamsui refers to the Tamsui River in Taiwan, which when translated means 'fresh water'. Pierre Chen purchased this painting for $4.5 million (NT$144 million), and added it to his vast art collection.

The sale of this painting broke the world record for the most expensive oil painting by an ethnic Chinese artist, and is one of the jewels in Pierre Chen’s art collection.

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